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Project Group New Anticancer Treatment

Markus Joerger, MD-PhD


Markus Jörger, MD-PhD, associate professor, Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen - Oncology

Anastasios Stathis, MD


Anastasios Stathis, MD, Cantonal Hospital Bellinzona e Valli

Activities and Achievements

Participation in two first in human trials

The group activated two first in human trials. SAKK 67/13 with the accrual of 16 patients in four centers, and SAKK 21/12 with the accrual of 11 patients in six months. The latter will continue into an expansion phase in the breast cancer project group with a planned accrual of approximately 100 patients.

New system for the referral of patients for phase I and rare disease trials

A concept for patients referral among the active centers is in preparation and will be implemented in 2015. Responsible for this concept is Simona Berardi Vilei, Innovation and Business Development Manager at the SAKK Coordinating Center.