Content - Proposal review committee: Review

Step 3: Proposal review committee: Review

The proposal has to be sent six weeks prior to a SAKK board meeting to Within 7 days after confirmation of receipt of your documents, a formal check is taking place concerning the completeness of the documentation.

Then, a Proposal Review Committee meeting (PRC) will take place.

The PRC will advise on trial methodology and statistical parameters (design, sample size). In case the documents are not considered as final due to open essential questions, the PRC may decide to postpone the submission to the board.

If necessary due to an exceptional high number of submitted proposals to the board the CEO together with the SAKK president might set an overall cap of the number of proposals that are manageable in view of the limited time frame of a regular board session. In these cases the principle "first come, first served" will be applied according to the chronological order of incoming complete submission packages received at the SAKK CC.

The design, rationale and objectives are finalized by the Coordinating Investigator (with support by the PRC as needed) and approved by the group. The Coordinating Investigator (CI) or the responsible person at the SAKK CC collects the sites’ commitments of their participation.