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Our trials

Our trials: We are actively engaged in clinical cancer research. As a decentralized academic research institute, we carry out clinical cancer studies at all major Swiss hospitals. In these studies we investigate the efficacy and tolerability of new treatments in oncology and engage in the further development of existing cancer treatments. Our clinical studies are not shaped by commercial interests; the profit for us lies purely in the best possible treatment for patients.

For patients

For patients: We focus on the patient. We are predominantly engaged in research projects whose results offer the most immediate possible benefit for patients. This leads to new standards of treatment being set; and at the same time, study participants received the best-possible therapy available at the time. The safety of patients is always of primary concern in clinical studies. We shall be happy to advise you if you want to take part in a clinical study.

For research

For research: We offer prospects to researchers by promoting the collaboration and continuing education of doctors. We train investigators and support young doctors. With the semi-annual meetings and symposia we offer researchers a platform by sharing ideas and discussing progress in clinical cancer research. We are also constantly working on the optimization and quality assurance of study selection and implementation processes. We thus take on a diverse range of tasks that ultimately die benefit both the people who suffer from cancer and Switzerland as a centre for research.