Content - Discussion of your project in our research groups

Step 1: Discussion of your project in our research groups

Researchers in the SAKK network regularly exchange scientific knowledge and findings in indication-specific project groups, working groups and specialty sections. Study proposals are initiated and discussed at these expert meetings, then developed further before presented to the board for approval.

For the discussion of your proposal in the research group please note and comply with the following conditions:

  • The trial proposal must be discussed in and approved by the submitting group (see regulations for SAKK project groups).
  • In the minutes of the group meeting, the application to the board must be clearly stated.
  • If a review in another group is required, the Coordinating Investigator (CI) of the submitting group must contact the president of the reviewing group email voting are also possible; ask the respective group president)
  • In case of a multimodal study proposal, the following reviews are required, if affected:
    • RT (section Radiotherapy)
    • Surgery (section Surgery)
    • Phase I (project group New Anticancer Treatments)
    • Outcomes research (Network for outcomes research)
  • Initial contacts to pharmaceutical companies may be established by the designated Coordinating Investigator, but formal submissions and negotiations (e.g. of details like the budget) should not be done without prior discussion with the responsible person at the SAKK Coordinating Center and please send the proposal to

Please find here an overview of our research groups.